Friday, October 27, 2006

6 months????

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Leching is a growing problem
Leching is a growing problem

Six Months Ogling Women

Updated: 08:39, Friday October 27, 2006

The average British male spends six months of his life ogling women.

Researchers claim men will target eight different girls every day and spend two minutes eyeing up each one.

The first thing the average bloke will look at is the boobs before working down to the bottom and then the legs.

Girls do it too but they are not as prolific, picking only two men a day for 90 seconds at a time - just one month of their life.

And women look first at a man's eyes - before taking a quick look at his bum.

More than half of the men questioned saw nothing wrong with a bit of ogling - but a third say they have been caught in the act.

The study was carried out by glasses firm


Ao ver esta notícia na skynews julgava que a surpresa era por defeito, mas ao ler no website constato que não. Sempre pensei que os homens perderiam muito mais do que 6 meses de vida efectivos a olhar e cobiçar mulheres. Live and learn ...


Blogger Blondie said...

Também acho muito pouco... essa psquisa está redondamente enganada!!! :)

10/27/2006 3:27 PM  

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